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GEO C/2 H. LORENZO - Interactive Webpage

Words from GEO

The idea behind this digital installation is having all our products from the Collection Two, Godspeed in a zero gravity setting. Taking the normal H Lorenzo website and applying that GEO aesthetic to it, creating a new interactive shopping experience for the user. The original mission of the collection was about exploration of travel and space, here we are looking at a few areas, white space, digital space, fashion space. I come from a digital background first and foremost so bringing my normal world into the fashion world makes complete sense here. Working with the H Lorenzo team has been a pleasure.

Words from H Lorenzo.

We wanted to revolutionise the way a retail environment can do installations. Since H.Lorenzo has an eclectic and subversive selection of designers, the aesthetic of our stores seamlessly mixes clothing, art, and design. We wanted to represent this environment online for our global customer base. GEO has a unique vision in the digital art space so we wanted to create a digital installation of his collection “Godspeed” with an online interactive platform that truly embodies GEO’s vision.

Thanks to the H.Lorenzo team. Web development by VOL 4.