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GEO x Makarios - Jewellery

Godspeed Wrist Lock: London design house GEO and french-based jewellery studio Makàrios worked together on this exclusive piece of jewellery. The sleek lines and shiny silver finish define this bangle as an elegant statement in style. The use of exceptional materials and ancestral savoir-faire makes it unique.

In the pressure suits that astronauts must wear while performing a spacewalk, one of the toughest parts to design are the gloves. Here we’ve focused on the idea of the bracelet representing the glove lock that connects to astronauts suit. The bracelet has a rotating locking system. Two hinges are symmetrically located on both sides for ease of any wrist size insertion.

As all Makàrios creations, we have used only sterling silver (92,5%) to make this unique piece. Weighing around 65 grams.